Scotland’s Independence Referendum: Media Round-Up 06/07/2012

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
  2. In the Huffington Post, a Scottish popstar teenager talks about her dabble into Scottish independence research and wonders if anybody her age really cares or understands it all:
  3. Gillian Glover in The Scotsman questions the tactics of Alex Salmond:
  5. STV looks at the online rhetoric of people on both sides of the issue and how effective they are:
  6. Constitutional expert Stephen Tierney has been appointed as an advisor to First Minister Alex Salmond. The BBC reports that Professor Tierney told the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee that he believed a further question on more powers of Scotland “could be tricky”:
  7. National Collective discusses the Trident issue in this article:
  8. TWEETS:
  9. InHouseHotshot
    Professor Tierney once told me off for falling asleep in a tutorial he was giving. Expect his input into #indyref will be more interesting
  10. GemskaF
    If you’re English and registered at an address in Scotland you can vote in #Indyref but Scottish reg’d in England isn’t allowed? eh?
  11. JamieACooke
    We are in a period of political limbo in #Scotland – nobody wants to rock the boat in the run up to the #indyref #PSR
  12. JNesbittGlasgow
    Still disappointed that the #yesscotland campaign for #indyref has failed to brand itself as the Aye campaign. So obv guyz
  13. Celebs4indy
    ALEX BOYD ‘An indy Scotland has so much potential just waiting to be released. Let us continue to lead the world in green energy.’ #yesscot
  14. AlasdairStephen
    So I think today proves that the Tories are in the pockets of the bankers. A financial and political elite that needs taken down. #yesscot
  15. NewScotGirl
    KISS – Keep it simple folks #indyref “Do you want your vote to have any impact on who governs your country?! #yesscotland #bettertogether

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